Heritage Christmas Lights

Calgary’s Most Reliable Christmas Lights Installation

Installation Pricing (If you would like something that isn’t listed, please ask us about it):

Homes and Buildings (please contact for a custom quote — prices don’t include cost of lights)

 One-Storey Home Install – $150 (includes up to 80 feet of lights; extra lights $1.00/foot)

Two-Storey Home Install – $250 (includes up to 160 feet of lights; extra lights $1.00/foot)

Trees (up to thirty foot maximum; please contact for a custom quote)

 Tree – $100 minimum (includes up to 150 feet of lights; extra lights $0.50/foot)

Tree Wrapping – $100 (tree wrapping is strands of lights wound tightly around branches; includes up to 100 feet of lights; extra lights $1.00/foot)  

Take-Down – $75 flat fee (unless the building or tree is extremely large)


                  LED Lights – $1/foot (12 and 24 foot strands; multiple colours)

                  Icicle Lights – $3/foot (7.5 foot strands; multiple colours)

                  Light Sensitive Timers – $20 each

                  Clips – $0.10 each

                  Extension Cords – $0.50/foot


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