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Heritage Landscaping Calgary offers Calgary and area high-quality landscaping and outdoor services including — interlocking patios & walkways, retaining walls, sod, irrigation, fencing, snow removal, and many other services. Heritage Landscaping and Outdoor Services Ltd. provides picturesque landscaping Calgary residents are proud of.

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Heritage Landscaping Calgary offers snow removal and landscape construction services to  Calgary and area. We provide the highest quality workmanship, and the peace of mind you get  from using a professional company that is fully licensed and insured. Heritage Landscaping  Calgary produces gorgeous landscaping Calgary residents love to enjoy with friends and family.


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Landscaping Tricks and Tips to Lower Costs

Landscaping is a fun task, and there might be many reasons why want to improve your the condition of your garden. It might be to improve the curb look of your house, or you might just have some free time, and you might want to clean up your clean up your backyard. Whatever be the reason, it is a win-win situation for everyone. You are tidying up the place, and you will be making it greener, and it also increases the value of your property. The following are some of the tips and tricks for landscaping within a budget.

Consider planting in your landscape:

You can buy small saplings and allow it to grow. Allow the plants to grow and in few years they will turn into trees providing shade and it is also a great way to increase the greenery of the location. The price of your property increases when you have trees planted in your home.

Keep your plants trimmed:

You can provide a good look for your garden just by trimming your plants. Weeding constantly is a sign that you are maintaining your garden properly. Trimming and weeding are probably one of the easiest and cheapest ways to provide a better look to your garden.

Use mulch:

Mulch freshens up your plants, and it also saves your time and money. When you mulch you are saving on weeding and watering your plants. There are many places where you can pick up lawn wastes for free, and you can use them for your garden.

Get low-cost or free saplings from garden sales:

There are many places where you can get cheap or even free saplings. You can go to a local garden exhibition and find many low-cost saplings which will make your landscape to look beautiful. You can also go to your neighbor and ask for a stem cut out and plant them in your garden. With a little work, you can make your garden look greener, and you don’t even have to spend too much money for buying the saplings.

Spend time on your lawn:

Instead of hiring a professional gardener your can go out there and clean up your garden by yourself. Gardening is a wonderful hobby, and everyone must give it a try. If you have a lawn, you go out there and trim it down.  It is always nice to look at a freshly cut lawn. Cutting the lawn can make your landscape look beautiful, and at the same time, you need not spend any money on trimming the lawn.

Lighten up your outdoors:

Set up small lamp posts in your garden and it will look great in the night. Light bulbs are quite cheap, and you can buy these solar LED lights as they do not attract bugs in the night.

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Great Snow and Ice Removal Hacks

If you had lived in a snow area for quite some time, you would know that some snow is light while others are dense and thick. The fluffy and light snow is easy to remove, but the challenge is with the wet and heavy snow. The following are some of the snow and ice removal hacks:

Use cooking spray to cover your shovel:

Most of the time snow gets stuck to your shovel, and it gets messy. To prevent the snow from adhering to your shovel, you need to spray cooking oil on the front and the back of the shovel. The oil will prevent the snow from sticking onto your shovel, and you will be able to shove the snow easily. Once you are done with your work, make sure that you clean the shovel to avoid any mess.

Schedule your snow removal time:

Most of us will want to wait until the snow stops once and for all. But at the end, you will have to remove thick layers of snow, and it can be hard to remove the snow. Instead of waiting till the end you can schedule your snow removal activity and do it once or twice a day depending on the snowfall, you have in your area.

Wear your socks over your shoes:

The number of slips and falls while shoving snow is countless. We all must have had an experience of slipping in the snow while removing them. To avoid this, you can try one simple hack, i.e. wearing your socks over your shoes. In New Zealand people started following this trick and as everyone found it helpful even one of the city council made motions advising it to the people in that area.

Do not use salt to melt the ice:

There are many places where people use salt to melt the ice. But salt when it comes in contact with the concrete it causes slow erosion and eats away the concrete. There are other techniques which can slow down the erosion, but instead of using plain salt you can mix it with one teaspoon of dish liquid, 1 TB of rubbing alcohol and warm water. When you combine these ingredients and pour them on the pavements, it will quickly melt the ice without damaging the concrete beneath it.

Use plastic traps:

If you do not want to shovel the snow, you can go and place plastic traps on the sidewalks or on your car so that even when it snows you can just pull away from the trap and your car and pathway will be clean.

Use your leaf blower:

Who said that a leaf blower is for the autumn season? Now you can also use to melt away light and fluffy snow. Hard and heavy snow can be quite hard to melt with the leaf blower, but you can easily melt away the light and fluffy snow.

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